Where to start? Part 1

I feel so excited and blessed to know that so many people, like you, are introducing meditation to their family routine!  What an enormous, life long gift you are giving!  It’s a life skill that has immeasurable benefits, a constant source of peace and love!  A precious moment to share with your child!  I could go on for hours about how wonderful meditation is!!

So where to start?!  If you yourself, have never meditated before, then I would suggest some of the following resources or techniques.

Try out some of the meditations here on this site, either the free ones, or ones from theiStock_000021936804_ExtraSmallShop.  Yes, they are designed for children, but they are short and simple and might be fun to try.

Play some quiet relaxing instrumental music if you like, and just notice how you are breathing.  Keep bringing your focus back to the breath and see if you can stay with this for 5 minutes to start with.  Perhaps you might even know some different breathing techniques, one’s from Yoga classes (Pranayama), or do some research on the web.

Head over to my friend and colleagues website, and check out a 6 week online, home based program, designed to introduce different techniques of meditation.  Starting with just 5 minutes a day!   Meditation for Personal Development, Stress Relief & Well-being.

A personal favourite is Dr Ian Gawler’s book Peace of Mind, or check out one of the Gawler Foundation CD’s available on their Resources Page.

Breathing with a Mantra, on your inward breath say in your mind something like Peace, Love, Joy, I am Safe, or something positive, something you feel you need.   Then breathing out Anger, Stress, Sadness… Really allow yourself to feel the positive word when you breathe it in, and then allow yourself to release the unpleasant feeling on the exhale.

This is somewhere to start, see how you go!  Part 2 will talk about introducing Meditation to your child.



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