Julie’s meditations have helped both me and my children in many ways on many days. Whether it be from wake to sleep, facing fears, unlocking imagination in emotionally challenged individuals or just drifting to a happy place for a moment.
Thank you and bless you

Alison - Mum & Horsey chick!

I found the breastfeeding meditation useful in re-focusing my mind and connecting me to my beautiful son. It reminded me what a blessing it is to be able to breastfeed and spend such quality and loving time with my child. Thank you.

Kim - Mum & Physiotherapist

I loved the meditation.. My 6 month old baby relaxed into the hypnotic place as I released tension, stress and fatigue from my body and mind.  Thank you for giving me peace I can access throughout my busy day.

Amanda Jones - Mum & Life Coach

We’ve been using your free floating meditation for months now – I didn’t buy it because I thought it would be a passing phase for my kids (3 & 5 years) but it has actually turned our evenings around completely. My 3yo is pretty challenging and evenings were the worst but your meditation really helps calm him. It’s no exaggeration to say it saved my sanity. You’ll often hear me saying things like “tidy the playroom/brush your teeth before meditation”, or “Will, please stop screaming/throwing/destroying/ tormenting or we won’t have time for meditation” 🙂  It also helps me breath at the end of a busy day and have quiet loving connection with the kids instead of the chaos, frustration and yelling that used to happen before. So, yeah… thanks!!!!


Thank you for providing my energetic four year old with a tool to centre herself. She asks every morning to meditate to start the day and at night before sleep. After years away from meditation I too, am enjoying a gentle re-entry.  Peace.


I have a nearly seven year old who has just started meditation and thoroughly enjoys yours! I am also extremely thankful because using your meditations, she has, for the first time in her life been going to sleep by 7:30/8 instead of fighting it and me until 10 or 11! I can not begin to thank you enough!!!!

Cassie T - Teacher & Mum