With Gratitude

My heartfelt thanks to so many beautiful people who supported me along this journey!

My gorgeous husband and best friend Brendon for his encouragement and love. My children for their fantastic honesty and feedback and always showing me how to be a better person!

My friend and mentor Lisa Forde, for her gentle, loving wisdom and her incredible Gemini brain that has provided me with so much information!

To Christopher Lloyd Clarke – music composer / producer who specializes in music for deep relaxation, meditation and healing – for the Best backing music Ever!

Liani and Kim at Project Square Brackets, wow where do I begin!  You guys are awesome!!!!

Nick Lester for his expertise in audio – thank you!

And lastly to you – for taking the time to read this and looking at my site. Blessings!

Some useful links I’d like to share with my valued clients

  • Ian Gawler Is well known as a pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine and therapeutic meditation.
  • John Bradshaw Counselor and Author of Homecoming, a beautiful book for any parent wanting to heal the wounds from their own childhood.
  • Scott Alexander King Animal Dreaming, Practitioner training, Books on supporting kids and much more!
  • Australian Centre for Holistic Studies  Short Courses and Certificate Course in Meditation