This site is for parents, carers and teachers who are interested in meditation and mindfulness for children.

You will find resources, audios, programs and blogs, to support with nurturing and caring for your child. Especially the divinely gorgeous 0 to 12 year old age group. If we “plant the seed”, and bring in the practice of Meditation, of Presence and Awareness (Mindfulness) and Relaxation in these early formative years, then we offer the child self-soothing mechanisms and empower them to be the creative, happy wonder child that they were born to be!

When a child meditates, they enter the Relaxation Response and their body can go about doing what it naturally does, digesting, repairing and so on. When a child is upset, hyper agitated, anxious, angry etc., they enter the Fight or Flight mode and their body and mind are in an alert and stressed state.

This alert state is necessary for lots of different reasons, namely survival, however it is also important that the child comes back to the Relaxation Response so that they are calm, feel safe and are able to listen and learn.

When a child learns to meditate, they not only enter the Relaxation Response more regularly, they also become more present, mindful, and can self-regulate. They become more aware of what they are doing, how they are reacting, and that they have a choice. It improves their self-awareness, they get to know their feelings, which will have far reaching effects well into adulthood. Self-awareness then creates impulse control and promotes a behaviour of responding rather than reacting.

Within this site you will find Guided Meditations for Children and Adults as audios for purchase (Mp3 download). These meditations can guide you and your child to magical and wonderful places, to places within that are safe and peaceful, and support with a myriad of issues. Please remember however, that whilst meditation offers a wonderful support, it does not replace professional medical or psychological advice. Meditation can be used hand in hand with whatever treatment or advice you may be following.

Offering Guided Meditation to children gives them an opportunity to experience a place within that is safe, a place where they can come to feel love, self-love, joy, happiness and all the pleasant feelings we enjoy feeling. A place of stillness and peace. You will see an inspiring change in your child when they regularly meditate and perhaps want to go to that place too!

A family that meditates together…

“A family that plays together stays together”. This saying often comes to my mind as it has such truth and power behind it! It’s tough at times however, to want to spend every single second with your child, they can be so demanding and exhausting!  And having to add another thing to the list of ‘must do’s with my child so that they grow up

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Meditation and Pain Management

I recently recorded a new meditation, supporting a child suffering from Pain and Discomfort.  It’s available on the Shop page and I promised a follow up Blog, so here it is! My journey with our children saw us spend many months in hospital, due to them both being born prematurely, 1 year apart.  Part of this journey was an incredible insight into the lives of families

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Learning to be Brave.

A theme has come up of late with my children and their school friends, and to be honest it’s starting to do my head in!  Yep, my head literally feels like it’s done for if I hear another child complain about the most microscopic cut they got on there little toe… seriously, do they not know about children starving in Africa!!! Of course they do and even

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