New Mindfulness Meditations

It’s been such a long time since I posted here.  I haven’t forgotten you, like with you I am sure, life is full raising children and having a life (or not! hehe).

Family life can be so chaotic and in the blink of an eye as “they” say, your kids are all grown up and left home! It became very real to me as my children turned another year older and started to move away from calling me “mummy”… breathe, I am calm……. sick feeling and tears!!!

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So I am paying attention, stopping to listen to them, giving cuddles as often as they will let me and being grateful that they are growing, are healthy and that they both have the meditation & mindfulness seed well and truly planted deep within.

As they have grown, they have shown that they resonate with different meditation techniques, hence the new meditations in the Shop.  They still love Guided Imagery/Visualisation, and so do I but we all love Tibetan Signing Bowls and simply breathing.

The new meditations cover different techniques and are all examples of ways to meditate mindfully, with present moment awareness.

They are suitable for 5+ years and there is a Mindful breathing technique for you too… I do hope you enjoy them.




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