Learning to be Brave.

A theme has come up of late with my children and their school friends, and to be honest it’s starting to do my head in!  Yep, my head literally feels like it’s done for if I hear another child complain about the most microscopic cut they got on there little toe… seriously, do they not know about children starving in Africa!!!

Of course they do and even if they don’t it’s just not relative to what’s happening for them right here right now, how can it be… we are blessed to live the way we do, our children are blessed, it’s hard Superhero kid pretending to be a powerful courageous hero with a cape flying in the wind as a fun childhood play symbol for the fertile imagination of a child as a cast shadow on an urban asphalt road.for them to comprehend the struggle that third world children experience every day.

So with meditation we can show them how to support themselves when they get hurt (we are still going to be there to put the bandaid on!), teach them to tap into that inner wealth of courage and confidence… and who knows, one day they might make a difference in the world because of it.

The meditation is for sale on the Shop Page, and is titled The Brave You Inside.  For Primary School aged children.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,
Julie Bond-Rowe
Meditation Teacher
Member of the Meditation Association of Australia (formerly ATMA)

  • October 23, 2015
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