Where to Start! Part 2

Well done for embarking on a magical journey of creation, peace and love.  You are very brave.  When we start anything new, it can feel overwhelming or daunting.  It’s a leap of faith!  It can take courage to keep going when the benefits are not always obvious.  I can only say from experience that the benefits come and the results can be miraculous, but you will have to try it out for yourself!

You may have come here out of a desperate need for support with a troubling situation, out of curiosity, or something else!  Whatever the case, I do hope you and your child enjoy yourselves!

When deciding on introducing meditation to your family, there are a few things to consider before you first try it out: –

Check out this post Blogs – Tips on tips for meditating with children.Children's meditation, Meditation tips

Decide what time would best suit your child.  Transition times are good, after a period of play, when the child is almost ready for a nap or some quiet time.  Bed time is also a good time as it can most definitely aid in sleep.

Perhaps try out Meditation for yourself, if you haven’t already… remember your little friend is a pretty good mimic and is more likely to give it a go if they know you do already.  See the Blog Where to Start Part 1

Then you could start by just introducing some simple breathing techniques like:

  • “When you breathe in you might imagine you are breathing in magic air… this magic air is filled with love, fun, happiness…and when you breathe out, you can breathe out anything that makes you feel yucky or sick… breathe in the magic air deep into your tummy….breathe out that yukky air with a big huff!”
  • Or some moving meditation.  Take a slow purposeful walk through a garden, noticing all the intricacies of the flowers, butterflies etc, point out quietly a gorgeous flower to your child.  Become slow moving animals like elephants, snails or even a sloth!!  The purpose is to simply slow down.
  • Have the child get comfortable, cuddle up with their favourite Teddy and repeat some loving Affirmations like “You are so loved”, “You are safe”, “I am so happy you are in the world”.
  • For older children, you could introduce a Mantra.  Ask them to choose a feeling word like; Peace, Love, Calm, Happy, Joy etc and have them say that word in their mind and feel it flowing through their body.  They might even associate a special colour with the word and visualise that colour flowing through their body.
  • Finally check out the Shop page, listen to the samples and perhaps you might find one that resonates with you.

Please feel free to contact me with your experiences, I would love to hear!


  • January 13, 2015
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