Tips for meditating with children

Group meditatingWhen meditating with young children, things may not go as planned so there may be a few things to keep in mind:

They wriggle!

They may leave their eyes open (this is okay!)

They may giggle, squeal and be so excited that they want to tell you what they are seeing (you can gently remind them that for now it is quiet time, and that you will listen
when the meditation is finished)

The discussion after the meditation, where you share about your experience, is as valuable as the meditation itself.  The child will benefit greatly from an adult listening, and validating their experience, by being enthused and encouraging with what they are retelling.

Set up the area where you are going to meditate i.e comfy chair, cushions, calming essentials oils or a candle (always being mindful of flames near children of course!)  Not so comfy that you all fall asleep though!  But if sleep is more valuable then meditate at another time.

Meditate at a time when the child or children are relatively calm.  Asking a child to sit still right in the middle of their play time for example, may not be the most appropriate time.

They may not want to meditate!!  This is okay…let them come to it when they are ready.  It most certainly helps if it is something you do also, they are great mimics.

Check your feelings out, are you feeling calm, or really stressed out, remember how intuitive children can be and decide if your mood may affect the experience.

If a child is displaying challenging behaviour i.e. aggression, then it may not be the right time to ask them to meditate.  Breathing techniques may be more effective here (please see the blog Breathe for some examples).

And lastly, remember to enjoy the experience yourself, who knows, it may be a wonderful healing for you also!




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