Tactile Toddler Taming Meditation

Is there any such thing as Toddler Taming?  Why would we really want to tame a child?  iStock_000006828082SmallThey are not a wild animal!!  They may behave like one at times, but that is their way of testing out the world.  It’s a time of willpower and setting boundaries!  A challenging time for parents and carers however, especially if that wild animal comes out in the middle of the supermarket, and starts terrorizing other customers!!  “Not my child” you may say through clenched teeth!!!!

Meditation can certainly support you in this phase  Choose a time when your toddler is resting.  It may be a small window of opportunity, but grab it if you can.  Use one of the meditations offered here in the site or allow yourselves to just gently relax to some quiet instrumental music.

Take some deep calming breaths, allowing your abdomen to expand and then fully exhale, do this for a few cycles.  If your toddler is sitting quietly, you might like to gently stroke them, lightly brushing their skin with your finger tips and use a quiet loving voice to repeat calming words such as “You are so loved …..(their name)”,  “You are safe”  “I love you no matter what”, or whatever positive phrases that come to mind.  It’s okay too if they are wandering around, so plan to have the room you are in child safe, with simple quiet toys available!

Gently and calmly connecting with your child, stroking, lightly touching their head, shoulders, arms, back and tummy.  If your toddler enjoys a good massage then you could incorporate this also.

The key here is to keep your voice low, movements slow, leave expectations behind and enjoy the connection!

iStock_000006881998SmallHow does this meditation help, you may ask!  It supports you both in understanding the importance of a quiet moment of sharing love.  A moment to come back to your breath, and centre.  When we bring these peaceful moments in more and more, we seem to re-energize and become more adept at returning to centre, even when the wild animal is unleashed and rampaging!



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