Planting the Seed!

Can an under 5 year old understand and benefit from Guided Visualisation Meditation?  I believe so.  When it is delivered with love and feeling, I feel the child “picks up” on this despite the language or concepts used, so at the very least they can be wrapped up in safety and love for a few precious minutes.

iStock_000006205256SmallHowever, I feel so blessed to receive wonderful invaluable feedback that let’s me know that, sometimes these gorgeous little souls just listen to my meditations and not always understand, perhaps don’t really visualise, or even appear to get very much from it.  I feel all of that is ok and consistency and patience come into play here.

We know that as parents/carers of children that when trying new food for example, they may screw up their faces and spit it out, but a few days or weeks later it’s the only thing they will eat… weird right!? hehe!

I feel it is a case of just keep trying, setting expectations aside for now, and enjoy the process of introducing something new to your child.  Enjoy the fact that you are so wonderful in giving your child this gift!  A gift that may be the very thing they come back to you in 20 years time and say thank you for!

Yay you!

  • January 30, 2015
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