Miracles, Manifestation and Meditation!

Children are so very spontaneous and creative.  We can foster this with Guided Visualisation Meditation.  Give them permission to Daydream!  It’s where miracles and manifestation starts!

Guided Visualisation is one technique to Meditation, and can support in opening the channel of creativity so that the child learns to be a great problem solver, an inventor of their future, a manifest miracle worker!

Peace in natureThey are after all our future, let’s empower them with the knowing that they can achieve what their heart desires.  Supporting and encouraging them to ripple that creative, miraculous manifesting out… Wow!  I can visualise a bright, loving, amazing future!

Guided Visualisation is simply a technique where a safe, loving and nurturing place can be created by the child, with the support of a Guide (Meditation Teacher), who gives them the frame in which they can create and colour the picture.

Visualisation can cover all modes of perception; Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, so the child can be absorbed in a very real place, and this then allows their body to respond as though they were actually there.  Science supports the power of Visualisation and when combined with breathing techniques, body relaxation and some time for stillness, the result is a magical and powerful healing tool!

You can purchase Guided Visualisation Meditations here, or try out some of the free samples.



  • March 26, 2015
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