Meditation and Breastfeeding, a match made in Heaven!!

Really, a perfect match!!??  Yes I tell you, it is true!  What else are you going to do whilst that precious baby receives it nutrients?  It’s not like you can get up a load the washing machine, or do any of the other million tasks on your “to do list”!

The woman feeding a babySo why not sit back and relax!

I’m prompted to write this blog as I have some very beautiful friends breastfeeding their babies, quite possibly as I write this!  So this is a shout out to them – You are doing such a wonderful job, well done Mumma!!

I have recorded a meditation available on the Shop page entitled “Breastfeeding energy boost”.  Here is a preview:

Breastfeeding energy boost preview

This meditation gently guides you to a place where you can receive an energy boost while feeding your child, because you absolutely deserve it!

You might also like to try a self-guided meditation whilst breastfeeding, and this can of course be used for any parent whilst bottle feeding also.  Here is an outline:

Ensuring you are as comfortable as possible and that your spine is straight.  Baby attached and now enjoying the flow of delicious nutrients, warming and soothing…

Bring your attention to your breath, noticing the rhythm, how it feels to enter your body and then exit out. Notice the rhythm of your child’s breathing, beautiful belly breaths…

Become aware of how your body is feeling, just acknowledging the fatigue or the tension…noticing any areas that feel relaxed and content…

If you could wave a magic wand now, to refresh and revitalize you, how would that feel?  Allow the feeling of being refreshed, alive and content wash over you like a gentle wave.  Really sense this feeling washing over every part of your body.  Take it to the parts that need it the most, sense this refreshing feeling really supporting the fatigue and tension.  Nurturing you because you are worthy of it!

Stay with this as long as you can… and as your baby finishes and you spend some time holding them, know that this content feeling fills your child also…share this precious moment, alive, safe and nurtured.  You are both so worthy.

As you prepare to go about your day, know that for a few seconds you can close your eyes and let this feeling flow over you once again…whenever you need it.

Blessings to you and take care.


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