Meditating with Kinder Kids!

I was so blessed to be able to run meditation at a nearby Kindergarten.  20 plus 4-5 year old children…wow!!!

You might ask how on earth can you get that many children of that age group to be still, quiet and meditate!!  Well the answer is, I didn’t, I am not a Magician! 🙂

We talked about what meditation is, in a way that they could start to understand.  Then we gave it a go!!  We started with Moving Meditation, this was a large group of energetic children, mostly whom have never meditated before, so to ask them to sit still in meditation is like asking jelly not to wobble!

Meditation for children, Meditation for kids, kids meditation, guided meditation for children, guided meditation for kids, visualisation for kids, visualisation for children, mindfulness for kids, mindfulness for childrenMoving meditation is slow mindful movements, that can be accompanied with a guided visualization, which is what we did.

We were trees, strong and tall, gently slowly swaying in the breeze.  Noticing how we felt doing this, breathing into our Tree tummies, squishing our tree toes into the muddy dirt, feeling the warm sun on our tree faces…

Then we sat down and this is where the fun began, there was chatting, poking, wriggling, giggling, shooshing and more!

We continued on noticing how our bodies felt and going on a gentle journey.  It took a good 10mins before there was some semblance of settling.  When this started I slowed right down, used words like “gently floating now”, and for a few precious seconds there was relative quiet!  Phew!!!!

So as you can see, meditating with our gorgeous little ones, is a mindful practice in patience and acceptance, just going with the flow and enjoying the moment!  I can’t wait to go again!!





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