“I want you to meditate with me”

That is my son’s catch cry!!  He is 4!  So we do on a daily basis and I find this moment of connection through meditation simply divine!  We share true love in that moment and I am so grateful to be able to share meditation with him.

We use a variety of techniques but mostly I guide him with a short visualization and I find iStock_000002399780_ExtraSmallthis is the most effective.  He loves it, and as a result is a very creative problem solver.  He also has become aware of the need for “time-out” and often mentions this at home and at Kinder.  He has a temper to match that of his mother’s (haha), so this recognition of needing to breathe and slow down is a marvelous skill to have in such a young soul!

Your child can be empowered this way also, using meditation regularly can be a beautiful way to safely acknowledge emotions and gently release if they are unhealthy or unhelpful.

I will be uploading more audios in the near future and hope that these can be of support to you in your journey with child!




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