Go Fly a Kite!

august 2013 023Flying a kite with a child can be such a beautifully blissful experience!  I was reminded today when my son asked if we could, so we did, for an hour in the freezing cold, but it was so much fun!

Perhaps you can’t always get out to fly one, or it just isn’t windy enough!  So here is a meditation you could guide your child on.  Have fun with it and do it yourself too!  Read this out slowly, and bring in that fun voice you might use when reading stories, you know, the exaggerated, emphasized happy voice!

Get comfy and take some lovely big deep breaths.  Make your tummy big and then let it flow out in a huff…

Picture that every time you breathe out, you blow a Kite further and further up into the bright blue sunny sky.  Can you see it?  What colour is your kite?  What shape is it?  This is your very own kite, so it can look however you want it to.

Watch as it swirls and dives through the bright blue sky, tracing patterns with it’s long ribbon tail.  Floating and flying freely on the wind, how fun it is to fly your kite!

Can you feel the tug of the string as your kite pulls further away, higher up in the sky?  What a terrific feeling to be flying a kite and watching it travel through the sky!

When you are ready you can let your kite gently land and know that you can fly it again another time.

Remember your breath now, and take a deep breath and blow it out.  Have a wiggle and tell about your kite!august 2013 016

Let your child tell about their kite, this part of the experience is just as important as the meditation itself!

I hope you enjoy the experience!

And again, the purpose of these types of meditations is to facilitate a moment of love with your child, a moment of peace and fun, that can have such wonderful healing benefits.


© Julie Bond 2013


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