A family that meditates together…

“A family that plays together stays together”. This saying often comes to my mind as it has such truth and power behind it!

It’s tough at times however, to want to spend every single second with your child, they can be so demanding and exhausting!  And having to add another thing to the list of ‘must do’s with my child so that they grow up to be a well balanced human being’ (suck in air, audible groan) well I think I may just lay down now and give up… right!?

mindfulness meditation family childrenI’m here to tell you that actually meditating together might be the one thing that you can all do, and it doesn’t exhaust you or stress you out further.  It can actually boost energy, raise your tolerance level, smooth out the emotional ups and downs, and give you a sense of wellbeing and contentment that is much longer lasting than that trip to the fun park.  A sense of sharing, love, and bonding. A present moment that truly is a gift.

There are a few meditations to try out in the Shop page, and two brand spanking new ones that are for those families with children 5-12yrs, however younger ones can by all means join in… plant the seed and all that!

Jules x


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