Bumble Bee breathing

Here is a nice simple breathing technique that you can do with your child.  It is a lovely one to facilitate going within to a peaceful place.

Also know as Bhramari, this pranayama technique has many benefits but most of all it’s fun!

Breathing techniques for children, mindfulness for children, meditation for kids, guided meditation for childrenSit cross legged with a nice straight back.  Use your thumbs to block your ears gently and your index fingers rest softly on your brow.  Your remaining fingers can gently fall across your eyes to close them.  Breathe in through your nose with your mouth closed, use your diaphragm to draw the breath deep down, a nice long inhale and then as you breathe out make a hum sound with a nice long exhale.

Feel the tingling on your lips as you hum!  Play around with sounds, you might use a buzz sound or om, shhh, ohhh…

Try this out for a few breaths and spend a few more moments in mindfulness around how your body is feeling, how it felt to go within and be peaceful, how the vibration felt!


  • June 12, 2015
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