Be My Valentine!

Here is a Loving Meditation to guide yourself and your child through…

Take some gentle breaths into your tummies, get comfortable and if you like, you might like to put your hands over your hearts!

Can you feel it beating?  Notice the lovely feeling of the gentle beats, you might count for a while with this beating.  Notice if it slows down while you count and breathe slowly.

Daddy's Hands-ArtisticIf you feel comfortable, gently close your eyes and begin to imagine that a Beautiful Colourful Love Heart is floating just in front of you.  What colour is your love heart?  Is it sparkly and shiny?  You can reach out and touch this Love Heart… it might feel soft and fluffy like a teddy… perhaps you would like to cuddle it!

This Love Heart is filled with love just for you, and this love is going to pour out over you like a fountain of coloured light!  Mmmm can you feel how lovely it feels to have the loving coloured light shower all over you?!

You are so loved and beautiful and this Love Heart is always here to shower love over you whenever you need.

When you are ready, you can gently notice your heart beating again and take some deep breaths, and open your eyes!
With love and blessings,

  • February 14, 2014
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