The meditations I create cover a variety of areas:Mindfulness Meditation for children, Mindfulness Meditation for kids, kids meditation, guided meditation for children, guided meditation for kids, visualisation for kids, visualisation for children, mindfulness for children

  • New parents and baby meditations
  • Sleep meditations
  • Immunity boosters
  • Feelings/emotions, mind and body awareness (Mindfulness)
  • Coping with change
  • Behavioral
  • Simple relaxation etc.

Meditation can help the child to become aware or mindful of their whole body and all the aspects, their emotions, their mind and their physical body.  This is key, as we can lose or put aside this self-awareness in adult life, we can become too busy or too stressed to notice how we are feeling, what we are thinking…our body can be in distress and we may not even notice.  Being stressed and disconnected from self takes a huge toll on our body, so if we can equip children with this self-awareness, then they may just have the presence of mind to respond to a situation differently, calmly, more mindfully, with a healthier result for their body, emotions and mind.

There is so much science behind meditation showing the many benefits such as; aiding in sleep, increased immunity, supporting asthma sufferers, reducing stress etc.  It can be a wonderful and fun journey to explore with your child. I am, and the peace and wonder in my precious children’s faces is all the proof I need to know that meditation is giving them so much, more than I can ever articulate.  Needless to say it is a gift of love!