Here we offer parents and carers resources to support with calming and nurturing their child. Especially the divinely gorgeous 0 to 12 year old age group, as we passionately feel that if we “plant the seed”, and bring in the practice of Meditation, of Mindfulness/Awareness and Relaxation in these early formative years, then we offer the child self-soothing mechanisms and empower them to be the creative, happy wonder child that they were born to be!

We offer Guided Meditations for Children and Adults as audios for purchase (Mp3 download). These meditations can guide you and your child to magical and wonderful places, and support with a myriad of issues. Please remember however, that whilst meditation offers a wonderful support, it does not replace professional medical or psychological advice. Meditation can be used hand in hand with whatever treatment or advice you may be following.

The aim of Guided Meditation in young children is to show them that they have a place within that feels safe, a place where they can come to feel love, self-love, joy, happiness and all the pleasant feelings we enjoy feeling.

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Meditation and Pain Management

I recently recorded a new meditation, supporting a child suffering from Pain and Discomfort.  It’s available on the Shop page and I promised a follow up Blog, so here it is! My journey with our children saw us spend many months in hospital, due to them both being born prematurely, 1 year apart.  Part of this journey was an incredible insight into the lives of families

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Learning to be Brave.

A theme has come up of late with my children and their school friends, and to be honest it’s starting to do my head in!  Yep, my head literally feels like it’s done for if I hear another child complain about the most microscopic cut they got on there little toe… seriously, do they not know about children starving in Africa!!! Of course they do and even

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Three New Meditations!

I’ve been in a creative place, with lots of ideas bubbling away and the result so far is, Three New Meditations for sale on the Shop Page! Again, these meditations have been tried and tested and I’m really pleased with the outcome. The first, Breathing with Teddy was inspired by a Breathing Technique called the Point of Stillness from Peace of Mind by Dr

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