Here we offer parents and carers a place to come and get meditations to support with calming and nurturing their child. Especially the divinely gorgeous 0 to 7 year old age group, as we passionately feel that if we “plant the seed”, and bring in the practice of Meditation in these early formative years, then we offer the child self-soothing mechanisms and empower them to be the creative, happy wonder child that they were born to be!

This site offers recordings for purchase (Mp3 immediate download) that can guide you and your child to magical and wonderful places, and support with a myriad of issues. Please remember however, that whilst meditation offers a wonderful support, it does not replace professional medical or psychological advice. Meditation can be used hand in hand with whatever treatment or advice you may be following.

The aim of Guided Meditation in young children is to allow them a place to be that feels safe, a place where they can come to feel love, self-love, joy, happiness and all the pleasant feelings we enjoy feeling.

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Planting the Seed!

Can an under 5 year old understand and benefit from Guided Visualisation Meditation?  I believe so.  When it is delivered with love and feeling, I feel the child “picks up” on this despite the language or concepts used, so at the very least they can be wrapped up in safety and love for a few precious minutes. However, I feel so blessed to receive

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Where to Start! Part 2

Well done for embarking on a magical journey of creation, peace and love.  You are very brave.  When we start anything new, it can feel overwhelming or daunting.  It’s a leap of faith!  It can take courage to keep going when the benefits are not always obvious.  I can only say from experience that the benefits come and the results can be miraculous, but

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Tips for meditating with children

When meditating with young children, things may not go as planned so there may be a few things to keep in mind: They wriggle! They may leave their eyes open (this is okay!) They may giggle, squeal and be so excited that they want to tell you what they are seeing (you can gently remind them that for now it is quiet time, and

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